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Black Kite Broadcasts


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  • Black Kite Broadcasts - Radio Edition

    Experience Black Kite Broadcasts in its native environment: a radio.

    Yep, it’s a fully functioning digital radio that comes with Black Kite Broadcasts preloaded. Featuring a rechargeable battery pack and customized with a spray paint stencil of Horace, it’s the most retro of retro we could muster up.

    Due to the unique nature of this product, each one will be made-to-order. So the shipping time will take a couple of weeks to make sure we can hand assemble each one. The earliest they could ship will be the week of release, 4.27.18.

    AM 580 / Radio PKD signing off...

    Includes unlimited streaming of Black Kite Broadcasts via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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  • Limited Edition Cassette
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Is your Walkman lonely? Cheer it up with a copy of our sophomore album from Bad Cake Records. These are Type I normal basis cassettes with an advanced cobalt ferric mix for wide dynamic range and low noise. Art by Caiden Withey. Only 25 copies available.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Black Kite Broadcasts via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Trash Panda! Eat the garbage!
When in the course of human events, It becomes necessary to throw in the towel, Be sure, by all means available, To make it as painful as possible. We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all women are created inferior That they have been denied all rights for centuries And that we would rather die than cede any ground to them or their kind. Their ills and evils are far too numerous to enumerate But clearly we are in the right, a God-given gift to rule and regulate. And in the event that we can’t control the future, we will take our balls and go home. Swing low, bittersweet chariot. Take me to where I belong, To a house of my own ruin.
When we had the chance we didn’t take the chance Now chance has taken all of us and cast us out! Sifted, shafted, racked, and trampled on the threshing floor This soap opera played out on the world’s pathetic stage Our cast of viewers and creators won’t be disappointed by this cliffhanger! The signs were written on hands of those we ransacked with no second glance Their backs our books to write the conquests in lovely bloody cursive All the better to wall up inside bunkers of lies and stone. Our time is past, our books burning the engines of the world to come.
Lives ripped apart by the dollar almighty Those who think of nothing But grasping for power Families torn limb from limb The shade of their respite marred by the din Till my voice goes hoarse Till my cords go numb When with my last breath I choose to pray or curse Still then will I yell with all that’s within Of their names and the cruel force of men
We’ve been burning up these frozen roads for thousands of years The wasted potential of our species ringing in our ears This place has given all we needed and more Why not trash it? Bury the goods in spittle, sinews, and skin of our foes If we can’t have this world forever Torch it so no one can It’s been ours to abuse We’ve got the end dialed in Let’s just kick it and cruise We could have changed the fall Sacrificed for the good of all Who could have come after us But wolfish we’ve been Devouring our young with darkest grin If we can’t have this world forever Torch it so no one can
Unintelligible (much like the 45th president of the United States of America)
I tried I tried to stem the tide I tried to turn aside the unending plight of our modern times Who could have known? What could have shown how far gone? Empty begets empty And fear unfettered ran rampant They shied They shied away from the truth They shied away from what could have saved us and our kind We died We died in vain from the toll We died for a right to live and kill, the bloodlust of a death cult
Cornhole gluten-free small batch authentic normcore put a bird on it. 3 wolf moon lo-fi Blue Bottle fap you probably haven't heard of them, raw denim readymade kale chips farm-to-table disrupt kitsch Tumblr shabby chic Williamsburg The beginning incontinences a solar leg When will the virgin swallow inside the eminent young? An inefficient insect screens the horizon underneath a spiffy rectangular Does the farm dictate the lyric shape? An optional angle detaches the cable from which it descends The under symbol undresses the unfathomable tissue A wreck of the hysterical and a hysterectomy of wreckage untold Rainbows of verdant black Tornadoes of Puget Sound All gathered as one beneath the hounding downfall.
Trouble, trouble at the newspaper stand Where once stood a proud tradition A dying breed now and a broken condition Of reality-based fiction We’ve led the assault of doubt for so long The compass spins off its axis Asking us “How long can you navigate with no stars?” How can we survive if even our eyes are not to be trusted? Lids completely rusted By self-made deceit Apathy will be our inheritance Disbelief hits with vengeance.
- 10:39


An intercepted radio broadcast and a harbinger of the future.

Written by accident. Played by instinct.

"‘Toxic Waste Buzzkill’ is a raw, feedback-drenched piece of arty noise rock that still manages to keep a sense of energy, somewhere between The Stooges and Sonic Youth at their most convention-defying. ‘The Sublime Pungence of Drumpf’ is like early 80’s hardcore played through broken amps and a collapsing drum kit – it’s noisy, crude, and kind of brilliant."- The Sound Not The Word

"Striking in its ambition, vital in its execution and unique in its delivery (seriously, snag one of the radios if you can), Qoheleth’s latest album is a massive step forward in evolution and a testament to what you can accomplish yourself." - Below Nirvana


released April 27, 2018

Bass/Guitar/Piano/Voice: Jeremy Hunt
Drums/Guitar/Voice: Mike Strickler
Artwork/Visual Identity/Radio host: Caiden Withey
Additional instruments and vocals: Delia Hunt, Sam Strickler, Eli Strickler, Caspian Strickler
Guitar tone manipulation: Erik Highter - Tracks 7 and 20
PSA: Schuler Benson

Written, recorded, and painted in Azusa, CA, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Charlotte, NC.
Produced by Mike Strickler and Jeremy Hunt
Mixed by Mike Strickler and Jeremy Hunt
Mastered by Jesse Sprinkle

© 2018 Neanderthal Jams

Released by Bad Cake Records


all rights reserved



QOHELETH Charlotte, North Carolina

Written by accident.

Played by instinct.

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